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Reiki Therapy at TPYK

Krissy with Teacher and Mentor Libby Barnett, MSW, Reiki Master of Masters Usui System.

TPYK is excited to announce that Krissy has recently become a Certified Reiki Master of Masters, which is the highest level of achievement in the Reiki Therapeutic Process. She is honored to share her commitment to this powerful ancient form of healing to help not only TPYK clients, but caregivers as well. TPYK is offering Reiki therapy sessions and trainings to caregivers who would like to restore balance and increase wellbeing that often becomes compromised due to the daily stresses associated with being a caregiver. Reiki has been proven to have positive effects on decreasing anxiety, pain, stress and depression. We currently offer Reiki I and Reiki II classes.

Complementary Therapies

Energy-based modalities such as Reiki, Healing Touch, Aromatherapy Technique and Guided Imagery are all recognized as valuable integrative approaches to healing. Each one of these holistic approaches enables our human energy field to connect to our higher source, rebalance and create self-healing that provides optimal wellness. This healing vibrational energy is believed to aid the body’s innate ability to regain balance and wellness on a cellular level, which contributes overall to our highest healing good. These proven therapeutic methods are an important complement to conventional medicine because of their effectiveness in bringing the mind-body-spirit back to harmony, which encourages homeostasis.


The Validation Connection

These therapeutic modalities are also effective when working with those living with memory loss, particularly when integrated with the techniques of the Validation Method. This powerful and gratifying communication therapy provides, at its core, the foundation for healing based on the trusting empathetic relationship that is created so balance can be achieved. This homeostasis state is recognized in Validation, which is based in part on a combination of theoretical assumptions by Steven Zuckerman and Carol Rogers stating that human beings struggle for balance and are motivated to heal themselves. Thus the theoretical basis of the Validation Method places it at the heart of all these therapeutic modalities. Validation provides a foundation for those living with memory loss to open themselves to all other energy modalities because of the empathetic trusting relationship that is created through this method.