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Krissy is currently one of only a handful of health care professionals in New England who is certified in the Validation Method, which is a proven and very successful method of working with memory-impaired individuals.

Krissy Wuerdeman, MS, CIH, CDP, CVT

Certified Validation Teacher and Dementia Practitioner, Managing Director of That Place You Know, LLC®

Validation has proven to be a powerful way of communicating that relies on an empathetic attitude and a holistic approach to provide meaningful engagement with older adults with memory impairment.

“This Validation video started my passion and rewarding career over 10 years ago in working with dementia residents. Such a powerful method!”

Validation, a proven method of communication developed by social worker and gerontologist Naomi Feil that helps improve the connection between caregivers and older adults experiencing dementia, also known as age-related cognitive decline or disorientation.

“Whomever is lucky enough to work with [Krissy] will be immediately rewarded. . .”

Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div

Krissy Wuerdeman is doing important work in helping patients and families realize the possibilities for quality interactions even with dementia.

Krissy was a student of mine and was outstanding from the very beginning. She was smart, compassionate and eager to understand how to ease suffering for others emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Many people are afraid to approach those with dementia but Krissy thrives on the challenges that present for the patient and the family. She is well known for her meaningful way to reach across the chasm to bring people together.

Whomever is lucky enough to work with her will be immediately rewarded with a new way to be with loved ones so they no longer feel alone and isolated.

We need more healers with Krissy’s exceptional abilities.

Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div, Watercolor Artist
Founder: Stillpoint School of Integrated Life Healing
Author: The Angelic Messenger Cards, Agartha, Spirit Heals, and Wisdom Bowls


Krissy Wuerdeman holds both a bachelor’s of science degree (BS) and master degree in business (MS). Prior to beginning her work in the memory care field she held several key positions in business administration for a number of prominent US corporations.

In 2013, Krissy began acquiring certifications to provide memory enrichment therapies for adults with symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia diagnoses. She is currently one of only a handful of health care professionals in New England who is a Certified Validation Teacher (CVT) of the Validation method, which is a successful method for working with adults living with memory loss. Krissy is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP), a Certified End of Life Doula, and a Certified Intuitive Energy Healer (CIH). She additionally holds certifications in the following Integrative Energy Programs: Reiki Master of Masters Usui System, and Holistic Nursing Healing Touch™ Program I.

Krissy has been engaged full-time in the healthcare industry since 2014 when she began working with Alzheimer’s and dementia residents at a large assisted living facility in Burlington, MA. In 2016, Krissy became the founder and managing director of That Place You Know, LLC® (TPYK), a social adult day program in NH that specializes in working with adults living with memory loss. In her work, Krissy has received numerous accolades from families of loved ones living with dementia for effectively using both Validation and intuitive techniques, which has had a significant positive impact on the quality of life for these families. Her remarkable work has profoundly improved the relationships within these families by bringing a sense of understanding and renewed meaning to their lives.

Krissy feels strongly that every person has a unique story to be told that leads them back to a loving place of unconditional acceptance without fear. In addition to her program’s work with clients, she teaches Validation workshops that focus on empathy and respect to build trusting relationships with adults living with memory loss. For the past several years she has hosted a very successful local exhibition featuring the artwork created by her program’s clients, raising community awareness and working toward de-stigmatizing memory loss in adults. Krissy has presented internationally in addition to her appearances on local TV and radio talk shows. Additionally, TPYK has been profiled in a major article published in the NH Union Leader newspaper.

Krissy currently provides both individual and group support sessions to dementia clients and their families throughout the New England area and also facilitates the Global Validation Talk and Technique support group. She lives in Hollis, NH with her husband and their two children.

The Many Facets of Krissy’s Work

On a daily basis you will find Krissy involved with her clients. Whether she is dancing in the kitchen, helping a caregiver understand their loved one, dealing directly with the client using validation techniques, singing along with the group  or teaching others the healing process of Validation, you’ll always find a spirited and loving caregiver in Krissy.