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Our goal at That Place You Know, LLC® is to welcome adults into our home from the local community who are in the early stages of memory impairment.  They will be provided with life enriching activities, while giving their primary care givers an opportunity to enjoy a respite from their care-giving responsibilities.

Structure and Activities to Enhance Well-being

It has been well-documented that people with memory impairment who participate in a structured routine with enriched daily activities increase their mental happiness, which leads to less agitation and an enhanced sense of accomplishment. We have created a robust calendar of engaging opportunities for learning, creativity and social interaction which will be used throughout the day to help maintain functional skills while bringing a sense of purpose and fulfillment to each day’s activities.

Our clients are never bored. We keep them involved in community projects including the Meals on Wheels project, creating items for sale to help efforts that fundraise for Alzheimers or folding infant clothes for the Stork project. From time to time we will offer seasonally appropriate field trips to local areas of interest or go shopping at farmstands for fresh produce. Some clients love to cook or help prepare the meals. Weather permitting, we will also provide opportunities to engage in outdoor activities within our 6 acre family property. 

Operating Hours and Itinerary

We operate between the hours of 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday, and will provide both individual and group validation sessions for up to 6 clients. The services that we provide will be strictly social in nature, and no medical services will be offered or provided. Candidates will be pre-screened to determine their suitability and opportunity for success within the program.

Enriching Daily Activities

Stimulating and social activities are designed to provide sensory and cognitive stimulation and include:

  • Music: Promotes socialization and reduces stress.
  • Art: Allows creativity in a non-threatening setting.
  • Social: Provides a sense of belonging and increases happiness.
  • Exercise and Stretch: Promotes well-being and mental clarity.
  • Deep Breathing and Meditation: Allows for mental relaxation and mindfulness.
  • Cognitive and mental activities: Empowers decision making and independence while promoting socialization that creates lasting friendships.
  • Validation Group – Signature Activity: Provides a safe environment where clients learn to trust one another so feelings can be expressed, problems can be solved and a sense of worth is achieved. We will also schedule special events and presentations both outside and inside our home offered by artists and professionals within the local community.

Fresh, Home-Cooked Meals

Each day, we offer fresh lunch and snack items prepared from scratch in our kitchen, along with refreshing hot and cold beverages. Dietary restrictions will be documented and honored.

Music Therapy

We offer regular music therapy sessions with Granite State Music Therapy.

Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki has been proven to have positive effects on decreasing anxiety, pain, stress and depression. To learn more click here for our Reiki page.

Pet Therapy

At TPYK, Tex and Bliss have welcomed so many friends with a wagging tail to our program and have offered their presence to a hand pat on the head or back, twirl of the ear, even a hand out at the lunch table. Click Here for lots of images.

“The bond and partnership that has developed between TPYK and our family has truly been a gift.”

~ JoAnne U.

Krissy and TPYK have truly been a blessing to our entire family. TPYK provides a safe, caring, comfortable environment that allows the clients to feel as if they are at home surrounded by good friends. Krissy’s expertise in validation techniques allows her clients to feel respected and understood. She provides stimulating activities appropriate for each client’s interests and abilities. 

Krissy has also been a great resource for us as caregivers. She provides constant encouragement and a listening ear. She helps us to troubleshoot challenges at home in order to find workable solutions. Additionally, the TPYK monthly support group provides an opportunity to share experiences and learn from other caregivers.

The bond and partnership that has developed between TPYK and our family has truly been a gift. In our opinion, the care, understanding and respect that Krissy shows her clients is the way that ALL people with dementia should be treated. ~ JoAnne U.

For Caregivers and Families

Support and Education for Families

In addition, we provide an opportunity for caregivers, family members and loved ones to join together in a support group setting to discuss issues related to Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. These group meetings are offered monthly in Hollis, NH and Burlington, MA, and focus on emotional support while sharing experiences, and include discussions on education, nutrition, caregiving techniques and community resources.

Click here for the next Zoom Support Group.


TPYK is offering Reiki therapy sessions to caregivers who would like to restore balance and increase wellbeing that often becomes compromised due to the daily stresses associated with being a caregiver.

To learn more visit our Reiki page.

Workshops & Retreats

In addition to our support groups, Krissy offers caregivers different workshops and retreats that will help create more meaningful engagement with their loved ones and clients.

To learn more visit our Workshops and Retreats.

Through TPYK, our client’s families have experienced a greater understanding of their loved ones and their memory impairment.