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Our program is unique in that we use the Validation method to enhance communication with our clients and enrich their lives. Krissy is a certified Validation teacher. Read on to learn more about this new, exciting approach to memory care!

A Different Approach

Validation has proven to be a powerful way of communicating that relies on an empathetic attitude and a holistic approach to provide meaningful engagement with older adults with memory impairment. The Validation Method uses techniques that allow for trust to be built and relationships to be formed by permitting feelings to be expressed. The positive effects of utilizing Validation techniques builds a connection based on trust, understanding and respect. The successful implementation of this approach decreases stress felt by the memory-impaired by allowing underlying basic needs to be communicated, as well as enhancing a state of well being with the ultimate goal of maintaining or restoring individual dignity.

What Is The Validation Method?

During the past 30 years there has been significant advancement in our understanding of memory impairment, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most successful therapeutic communication programs to emerge is called the Validation Method, which was developed in the 1980s by an American social worker named Naomi Feil. Validation has enjoyed great success in Europe, and has grown significantly here in the U.S. during the past 10 years. 

Successful Among Professionals and Caregivers

Validation is a powerful method that has been proven to be successful amongst healthcare and medical professionals and family caregivers. Every memory-impaired person has a unique story to be told that leads them back to a loving place of feeling accepted unconditionally without judgement or fear. And it’s through validation that we can share what that loving place looks and feels like, which allow us to step into another person’s world with no social boundaries but with full acceptance that we are connected as unique individuals openly embracing one another based on compassion, respect and dignity.


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Intergenerational Friendships


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Krissy and her Mom.

Learning the Validation Method as Mom’s Caregiver

Krissy opened her home to those with memory issues in December 2016, shortly after losing her own mother to Alzheimer’s disease. She had been her mom’s caretaker for several years and was looking for a way to keep communicating with her as the disease progressed. She found the Validation method and spent four years learning it.

“It was an inspiration, and I knew validation worked. I couldn’t just share it with my mom,” she said.

The program aims to provide a person with a purpose. For her mom, it was making sure she waved goodbye to Wuerdeman’s children as they got on the bus, helping to pack their lunches, and sometimes jumping in to fold their clothes.

“It was a way for her to say ‘I’m still relevant,’ and I think that’s so important,” says Krissy. “My kids got to know grandma in a number of different ways.”

Additionally, Krissy learned communication doesn’t just happen with words. “We could communicate with a touch or a stare, and it goes a long way… Mom was able to be here.”


“I have had the privilege of training Krissy Wuerdeman in Validation and of watching her grow in her skills. She drove 10 hours a number of times from New Hampshire to Lancaster PA to take my year long course. She has an innate empathy and a very strong work ethic. She is well-suited for Validation care of seniors with dementia. I love her passion for Validation and she is relentless in her loving and Validating care of seniors with dementia. She worked tirelessly with her mother that had dementia and I have witnessed a budding leader in the Validation movement. Anyone who could avail themselves of Krissy’s guidance in learning and growing in Validation would be richly rewarded. ~James Day CVT and President of NAVA (North American Validation Association)