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Learn to better communicate with the memory impaired individuals you care for, whether you are a family caregiver or in the medical field. The TPYK monthly support group provides an opportunity to share experiences and learn from other caregivers.


TPYK offers 1-day caregiver workshops that will focus on learning the Validation Method and techniques to better communicate with your loved one living with memory loss. The workshops will be discussing how to connect and bridge heart-to-heart to your loved one’s reality. Each workshop will explore the distinct phases associated with memory loss and how best to understand the characteristics and psychological aspects of each phase.

Workshops are intensive and require note taking. Recording is not permitted.

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The Validation Workshop – Krissy Wuerdeman

The Validation Method believes:

“As your loved one changes, You must change”.

This can be challenging at times but with an open mind and heart the outcome can be so special and rewarding, especially when we can learn from each other.

Recognizing symbols that a loved one uses in communication with you, can have a significant emotional meaning. Using a doll, stuffed animal, another person or something from their past, can help you understand what they have harbored in their memory over a lifetime and may not have verbally shared with anyone. These symbols are an entirely new opportunity to understanding your loved one. They are a guide to understanding who or what gives them significance and purpose now, but most importantly, they connect us to a real human need.

Using Music therapy creates unity and intimacy for friends and families. It provides a meaningful, creative, and positive way for loved ones to spend time with one another by decreasing anxiety and stress while providing a reminiscing experience for everyone.

Art Therapy is another powerful tool used to inspire communication and self expression. It unlocks the mind from any prior restriction and is considered a holistic treatment that can result in significant improvement to overall well-being and sustained cognitive function.

Additionally, Art therapy can help increase fine motor skills, eyesight and neuroplasticity. The discovery of artistic expression from your loved one can be a new and exciting opportunity for the caregiver to engage and communicate in an enjoyable and relaxing way.

Weekend Retreats for Caregivers

Weekend Retreats for Caregivers

TPYK offers a caregiver weekend retreat that will bring personal awareness, spiritual growth and relaxation to your life. It begins with a kick-off dinner on Friday night and concludes with a celebratory Sunday lunch on the farm.

This weekend study is an exciting opportunity to explore, reflect and truly understand the spiritual calling to being a caregiver, while learning effective techniques that will bring valuable insight to your caregiving journey.

The retreats are only offered twice a year and space is limited. This year our retreats will be held: T/B/A.

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“We have been truly blessed to have found Krissy and her day program at That Place You Know. After our father passed my sister and I have been caring for my 86 year old mother with Alzheimer’s and trying to navigate unchartered territory in understanding how to give my mom a quality of life in her memory loss. We were exhausted and emotionally drained when we found Krissy. We did not want to put my mom in a memory care, yet it was becoming a 24/7 care situation and one that we could not continue as we were doing. Krissy was wonderful in “meeting my mom, and our family where we were”. Krissy’s program and love that she shares has given my sister and I the ability to hold onto our jobs and know that my mom is enjoying her days and safe, while still being able to keep her home at night instead of having her in a memory care or care facility. Krissy was right on target with all that she saw in my mom and the path and process that it would take to get to where we are now. My mom spends now 5 days a week from 9-3 at “That Place you Know” with Krissy and a small group of others, all with some sort of dementia or Alzheimer’s as well. My mom now loves being with Krissy during the weekdays and has grown close to her and to other peers in the group. This program has given her a purpose and a joy beyond words, despite her memory loss. We cannot thank Krissy enough for her compassion, insight, support and willingness to share that with our family and others that are living with the challenges of dementia. She is truly a Godsend!!!!” ~ GinaW

“Krissy is a great speaker who interacts well with the audience…I learned so much about Validation and connecting with my
patients with dementia” ~ Validation workshop 2023

“Krissy is one of the most enjoyable and engaging presenters that I have seen. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight” ~Caregiver workshop 2023

“Krissy’s workshop is captivating, engaging and educational. She is very passionate and thoughtful” ~C.K. from NH

“One of the best presentations I have attended and I look forward to attending Krissy’s Validation and Art workshop” ~ Neil T. Arizona

“Krissy did a wonderful job. She is loving and compassionate and cares about the people & caregivers she works with. Thank you for a great workshop!” 

“The presentation was excellent. The information flowed well. The use of the slideshow was effective and I enjoyed the extra information/stories told by Krissy through all the class. Thank you for being welcoming to a new caregiver, I feel less alone.” 

“I thought it was exceptionally well done and very practical. I will certainly take concepts and suggestions presented and put them into practice.” 

“Very welcoming & non-judgemental. I felt comfortable sharing.”