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A Holistic Care Program For

Your Loved One Living

With Memory Impairment

That Place You Know, LLC.® (TPYK)

“Every memory-impaired person has a unique story to be told, that leads them back to a loving place of feeling accepted unconditionally, without judgement or fear. Through the Validation method we can share what that loving place looks and feels like. It allows us to step into another person’s world with no social boundaries, but with full acceptance that we are connected as unique individuals openly embracing one another based on compassion, respect and dignity.”


Adult Day Program

What We Offer

That Place You Know, provides a holistic and empathetic approach.

We welcome adults into our home from the local community who are in the early stages of memory impairment. We provide life enriching activities in a safe and loving environment.


Support Services

Striving Towards Better Communication

Validation techniques for family caregivers.

Krissy provides a monthly support group where she shares validation techniques, feedback and observations to create a better understanding between caregivers and their loved ones.


Workshops & Weekend Retreats

A Unique Approach

Building Genuine Relationships

Learning effective techniques that will bring valuable insight to your caregiving journey.

Caregiver Workshop-How to Connect With Your Loved One Through Nature

by Beaver Brook Association

Join Krissy Wuerdeman, Managing Director of That Place You Know on April 28th, in Hollis, NH to learn how nature can support and nurture your caregiving journey. This FREE workshop is designed for caregivers with loved ones living with memory loss.

We will explore the importance of self-awareness and compassion as a caregiver: learning effective holistic communication techniques to better understand and connect with your loved one while embracing the beauty and simplicity of nature. Limited capacity so REGISTER now!

Validation Teacher In The Spotlight…..

Krissy Wuerdeman, an exceptional individual, has been recognized in the prestigious December Validation Training Institute Newsletter for her outstanding co-presentation at the esteemed California Assisted Living Association (CALA) conference. As the founder of That Place You Know, LLC, Krissy masterfully combines the transformative power of Validation and Art to facilitate the healing process and revolutionize communication for adults coping with memory loss.


Watch Krissy in Peter Lanzillo’s television interviews, about the success of working with and teaching the Validation techniques for memory-impaired individuals. Krissy has used these techniques in her own business, as well as, caring for her mother and was able to give her a calm and happy lifestyle. 

Upcoming Events


That Place You Know, LLC® was highlighted in a New Hampshire Chronicle show (WMUR TV) that focused on Music Therapy. The adults in the TPYK program are often participants of an afternoon of song or music with the folks from the Granite State Music Therapy organization.


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Our mother has been attending That Place You Know for some time now. A friend told us about this amazing care center, and from day 1 we have never looked back. Krissy provides a nurturing family atmosphere in which my Mom feels totally comfortable, and is thriving. It takes a very special person to welcome people into their home on a daily basis and to be a caregiver at that! She fully engages our Mom with activities including cooking, baking, art, and music. Knowing that our beloved Mama is safe, happy and well cared for is a blessing that no words can adequately describe, and we are so very grateful.  ~Iris M.

Krissy Wuerdeman brings care to people living with dementia to another level. I have known Krissy on a personal and professional level for two years now, and seen first-hand how she changes the lives of those around her suffering from dementia and similar memory care deficits. Krissy sheds new light for the caregivers, families, and other professionals trying to understand this debilitating and often times confusing disease process. Her understanding of dementia and pioneering skills lead the way for the future of caring for those who suffer. Krissy’s techniques using validation method REALLY WORK! I have witnessed this new and revolutionary technique in action on Krissy’s mother as well as several other people she has volunteered to help along her journey. She is a true blessing, passionate, and above all selfless. A true inspiration to caregivers everywhere, and a light of hope for those we care about most. Original testimonial link. M. Clauss, LPN

Krissy is an educated, experienced, kind, loving, compassionate, dedicated, trustworthy and creative woman. My mom became a member of Krissy’s Validation group and the feedback from Krissy was very helpful to me when communicating with my mom. My mom being a part of this group also gave me an insight on how she was within a group setting on sharing her inner thoughts and sensitive feelings. I spent many hours with my mom and Krissy always had the clients’ full attention with constructive meaningful activities. On Valentine’s Day 2015, I arrived home after a long day at work and retrieved my mail. To my surprise there was a Valentine signed “Love You, Mom” (which was written with the best of my mom’s ability at the time). These valentines were made with Krissy. I told my mom that I received the valentine in the mail and she was so proud that it made me happy. Due to Krissy’s thoughtfulness and creativity, my mom and I will treasure that feeling we both felt forever!~ Carol S., Massachusetts

Krissy has a kind and loving spirit. She is completely dedicated and fully engaged in helping others to learn more about themselves during times of challenge and fear. Through her empathetic listening and unconditional acceptance, Krissy provides a strong intuitive insight…she is a gift not only to me but to all who are fortunate enough to share in her wonderful work in the world. ~ Kitrina C., RN, Cincinnati, OH

Krissy Wuerderman has spent years learning about how best to meet the needs of this precious population. She turned her knowledge into lovingly providing a beautiful, peaceful, and joy-filled place for people suffering from dementia to meet and enjoy each other’s company. She provides a variety of activities throughout the day. This is a quality program which my mother benefitted from immensely before her passing. Mom loved the days she spent here and the friends she met, and her family felt at peace knowing Mom was in very capable hands. This program helps stimulate the client’s thinking process and we felt it helped keep Mom more mentally active thus, slowing the process of the effects of dementia. It also gave nice structure to Mom’s week and something to look forward to. This program added such quality of life to Mom’s last year and her family will be eternally grateful. We highly recommend That Place You Know. ~ Adrienne C.

Wonderful adult daycare for the memory impaired. Small groups, lots of activities inside and out, field trips and most importantly an extremely nurturing environment. The Validation Method is taught and applied here. ~ Paula F.