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Many people are reluctant to allow a family member with dementia to leave home, fearing that changing their environment would create additional hardships. However, research continues to support the idea that people living with dementia can benefit greatly from engagement and community rather than the relative isolation of being homebound.

About That Place You Know, LLC®

That Place You Know, LLC®, is a NH State Licensed Program designed to provide life-enriching activities during daytime hours for adults in our area. Hollis New Hampshire resident, Krissy Wuerdeman, has developed a new concept to provide memory enrichment for her clients using Validation techniques in an adult day program setting. She has created a private practice in her home, and is accepting individuals who are well-suited to this type of adult care.

Holistic Approach for A Loved One Living with Memory Impairment

Under the direction of Krissy Wuerdeman, one of only a very few individuals in New England who is certified to practice the groundbreaking, therapeutic techniques of the Validation method, our program utilizes a unique, holistic approach. These methods not only include music as medicine, art therapy and mindful meditation, but also integrates the power of intuitive therapies with validation techniques.

By offering a unique, holistic adult day program in a private home setting, That Place You Know, LLC®  provides a very successful and exciting approach to the rapidly growing area of memory enrichment.

By combining these two effective practices, a more meaningful connection is created allowing for better communication, problem-solving and an overall greater sense of well-being for both clients and their families. This program design is an exciting enhancement to the already effective approach of working with the needs of individuals with memory impairment and their families within a structured and well-rounded activity schedule. Recognizing that each of our clients has his or her own unique story, skill set and purpose to share is what makes our holistic approach so powerful.

Validation provides purpose, peace for those with dementia.

That Place You Know, LLC® is a home­based adult day program that’s more like a retreat. There’s a stew cooking in the oven for lunch. There’s morning talks and music in the living room. There’s time spent around a large farm table making crafts, like decorative Thanksgiving plates to bring to their holiday meals.

But what makes That Place You Know, LLC® special is not the bucolic setting or the comforts of home. It’s a unique communication method Wuerdeman spent three years learning called Validation.

It’s a program based in empathy and listening, designed to help the caregiver see the disease through their loved one’s eyes while helping them cope with unresolved issues as they approach the final stages of life. It’s a widely accepted method in Europe and gaining momentum in the United States.

Validation uses music, art and meditation to get the person talking about their feelings as a way to reduce stress and to help caregivers understand the motivations behind their behaviors.

“Just because your loved one has memory loss doesn’t mean there has to be a disconnect,” says Krissy. “It gives us a sense of peace and shows we’re all connected.”

Krissy says she is the only person north of Pennsylvania using the approach in a home-­based program. “You meet their emotions with love not fear,” she said. “You’re telling them ‘I’m here to share your journey with you.’”

Article written by Gretchen M. Grosky / New Hampshire Union Leader  2017

Caregiver Support -Monthly Group Meetings via Zoom

On the last Wednesday of each month, That Place You Know, LLC® holds a Caregiver Support Group Meeting via Zoom.

Our purpose is to focus on emotional support while sharing experiences and will include discussions on education, nutrition, caregiving techniques, and community resources. Meetings are held from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

Please click here to fill out the form or email us at krissy@thatplaceyouknowllc.com to get the Zoom link.

The Comforts of Home

Our home is their home. We have common areas for all to use that provide a safe and relaxing experience for our clients each day.


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That Place You Know is a blessing for any person with dementia and the challenges families face coping with this disease. When it became apparent that my mother needed help, I had no idea where to turn. My mother became more quiet, isolated and struggled with bouts of depression. She needed interaction, and the help of people who understood the challenges of living with dementia. I hoped to find a place where she would find comfort, engagement and friendship. TPYK is that place and provides more engagement than we could have imagined. Krissy truly cares about my mother as if she was her own family. She has created a tight-knit environment that is engaging, inclusive, compassionate and a sense of love. Her home provides creative activities, music, laughter and group meals that feel like a family event. Krissy takes the time to understand each person’s situation and learns what is important to them, the special and unique characteristics they bring to the program. She celebrates each person and encourages them to share with the group at their own pace. Memory impairment is so challenging for everyone touched by it. It is impossible to share what a difference TPYK has made not only in my mother’s life, but my life too. I feel more at peace knowing my mother is in a place where she is accepted, loved and supported through the challenges of dementia. I hoped involving my mother in a program would help her, but I never imagined the scope and impact it would have on our family. What a beautiful gift for both of us.

“At That Place You Know, my Dad was surrounded by an engaging, nurturing, and loving group of people. We were able to see a side of my Dad that we hadn’t seen in a long time. Krissy creates a fun and engaging environment and builds a solid trust with each and every person. We will be forever grateful to Krissy for her love, dedication and connection she had with my Dad while he was in her program.” ~ Michelle

TPYK offers more than a place for adults with memory impairment to spend their days. TPYK offers wisdom, support, love and especially purpose. Mom had days filled with thoughtfulness, peacefulness, youthful energy and kindness at TPYK. My mom (and I) benefitted from the Validation Method with Krissy Wuerdeman. ~ Kathleen M., Brookline, NH

TPYK is hands down the Gold Star for adult day care. They truly care about our loved ones who attend the program, and provide a wonderful well thought out experience for them. TPYK should be the model for all adult care facilities for the memory impaired. The new standard moving forward! ~ 2019 survey comment

Krissy Wuerdeman excelled in my Stillpoint School program on Intuitive healing. She is bright, compassionate, articulate and very committed to making a difference for clients and their families who suffer from dementia. I encourage you to make an appointment and find the incredible value for yourself and your family member. Combining Intuitive Insight with the Validation Method creates the best possible outcome to directly and immediately begin to assist you and/or your loved one. I wish I had had this possibility when my mother was diagnosed with dementia. What a blessing. ~ Rev. Dr. Meredith Young-Sowers Founder, Director The Stillpoint School of Integrative Healing Author, Agartha, The Angelic Messenger Cards,
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