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This beautiful piece was sent to me by a dear friend and devoted caregiver. It touched me in many ways because it’s about dealing with guilt, and caregivers often may feel guilty about feeling overwhelmed, anxious, angry or deeply saddened by taking on the role as caregiver. This role can feel like a thankless job at times, especially when the person you are caring for doesn’t verbally express gratitude for the care that is being given. However, these human emotions are real and it is healthy to express them. Validation recognizes and accepts that expression of feelings, all feelings, is a positive, healing thing. To have those feelings is simply being Human. Please Acknowledge and Forgive yourself. Don’t carry around these feelings because it will burden you. It’s difficult to be a caregiver, it pushes you to your limits emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Share your feelings with a caring and trusting friend, which may include your chosen Higher Power or God, who will listen empathetically, who will not be passing judgment, and in the end will give you the most loving hug or sincere touch knowing that you are trying your best as a caregiver and feeling truly blessed to take part in the healing process.

I also wanted to underscore that those living with memory loss are fully functioning on a spiritual level. Spending quality time with your loved one throughout this journey is very important. Sitting down and reminiscing with photos, music, magazines, or books is a great way to connect, as well as, holding hands and enjoying the presence of being near one another while looking out a window, watching birds, smelling the fresh air, or listening to the surrounding sounds. Spending quality time means no cell phones, just bringing your full attention back to the Simplicity of being together and enjoying the Beauty in the moment. No room for ego – just LOVE. Not a word needs to be spoken during your visit because intuitively your loved one knows that LOVE is healing and that is the best gift of all.

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