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The Validation Training Institute offers an on-line support group for  people interested in practicing Validation, but are unable to take a certified Validation course for one reason or another. These reasons could be finances, time constraints, or location. We are referring to it as a “Beginning Validation Support Group.” This group is free to those who have attended a one day workshop, taken the online “Beginning Validation” course or read one of Naomi Feil’s books.
Krissy Wuerdeman, Certified Validation Teacher, along with Naomi Feil (when available) will provide suggestions to help caregivers trying to practice very basic Validation techniques with a family member or an elder they work with who has dementia. As a result, we are hoping that people will first of all practice Validation techniques correctly, continue to be motivated to use Validation techniques, take a course when they can, share their experiences, and support the VTI and it’s fund raising projects.
This will be done via live webinar. The VTI will provide the software, (www.Zoom.us) and tech support.
The meetings are once a month on the last Thursday of the month. The time would be 9:00PM – 10:15PM EST/8:00PM – 9:15pm CST/7:00PM – 8:15PM MST/6:00PM  – 7:15PM PST.